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anti-pop, i reckon
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true or false?

i love pop.

britney spears' music is not totally impersonal, studio-manufactured shit.

i love how britney spears dresses.

britney spears doesn't dress the way she does to make up for the fact that her music is totally impersonal, studio-manufactured shit.

it's okay when bands make music for the sole purpose of making money.

the bands i listen to just want more money and will do absolutely anything to get more money, including but not limited to changing their style of music, dressing like skanks, and pretending to be something they are not.

mtv is not a horrifying corporation that brainwashes the youth of america (and elsewhere), convincing them that they are inadequate unless they like the same exact bands and performers as everyone else and look a certain way.

aaron carter is the most profound performer alive.

the backstreet boys are sexy.

the backstreet boys are still popular.

the backstreet boys' release of a greatist hits album was not a last, desperate attempt to milk the pop industry for more money before the members of the band become senile senior citizens with sagging ballsacks.


if you said false to any of these statements, welcome to the fuckpop community. please be profane, we love that shit. just don't say the same moronic shit that has been said thousands of times prior. (e.g. "derrr... POP IS STUPID SHIT! yeeeeeah. punx 4 life. and shit.") that shit is just whack. shit.

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